Samuel P. Goddard Interview -- Mobile Radio Business

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PS = Pam Stevenson - Agave Productions

SG = Sam Goddard

PS (Interviewer): What about your, your mobile radio business? How did that get started?

SG (Goddard): Well, both Niles, Niles was the Navy guy and I was in the Army and I did the -- my learning electronics in the Army and he did his in the Navy. And we decided together that it would be a good thing to try to go into car radio and uh make a business of it. And that started the business which eventually covered every high mountain the state and then we went down into Texas and then we went into Southern California. And it got to be very big and we were fortunate enough (laughs) to find somebody who could buy us out eventually. Cause we had a lot of, lot of material and equipment. And it takes somebody that's in the business and in California they had a number of big corporations that dealt in the same thing. And eventually (coughs) we got one of them to buy us out.