Samuel P. Goddard Interview -- Attending Law School

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PS = Pam Stevenson - Agave Productions

SG = Sam Goddard

PS (Interviewer): Uh, they should. Uh, well tell me about Tucson. When you first got there, what did you think, what were you going to do for a living?

SG (Goddard): That's a good (laughs) a real good question. But fortunately, I decided to go to law school, which was quite a decision cause we hadn't established ourselves at all. And I got in one of the first classes after the war (dorr closing in background). And it contained, uh, Mo Udall, who is one of the brightest guys I've ever known. It contained Raul Castro, and uh, a gal named Beverly Harris, whose, whose father was an old time lawyer up here. Who, she was quite a gal. Uh, we had only seven graduates and when we, uh, came up here to get sworn in by the Supreme Court, uh, we ended up around the rotunda of the Capitol. And, uh, we were standing there looking down on the State Seal, you know, and wondering what to do next. And, uh (laughs) I'm doing what I hate -- I'm saying "and, uh" and they, uh, out of the Secretary of State's Office came Wesley Bolin. Remember him?