Samuel P. Goddard Interview -- Settling in Tucson, Arizona

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PS = Pam Stevenson - Agave Productions

SG = Sam Goddard

PS (Interviewer): Why did she want to go to Arizona?

SG (Goddard): Because she had rheumatoid arthritis and her doctor recommended -- a squad of doctors out in Tucson who were specializing in that. Now they're all gone now, but, uh, arthritis is treated now where you live because the methods and medicines and that sort of thing that are much better than they were in those days.
So, and, while I was in (laughs) Guam. She wrote me every day about how hot it was and, uh, how dreadful it was. And then when I came back, I flew in there with all the wool clothes I could get on my back -- it was December. I couldn't stop my teeth chattering until I got in a hot bath. It was quite some change from a -- being - see I'd been in the Pacific and in the over the Mediterranean for years and that point. You get used to that. It's not like this climate. It's wet, soggy. And, uh, it's hard to change when you get used to it.