Clayton Niles Interview -- Goddard as Governor

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PS = Pam Stevenson - Agave Productions

CN = Clayton Niles

PS (Interviewer): Uh, do you think Sam enjoyed being governor?

CN (C. Niles): Oh, yes, I do. Yeah, I think he enjoyed being governor. Oh, yes, I think so.

PS (Interviewer): In what way? How did -

CN (C. Niles): Well, it, it gave Sam an opportunity to do the kind of things that really liked to do, which was to, uh, was to, uh, support causes that, uh, maybe he didn't have (chimes in background) all of the, the, uh, ability to achieve the goals through government authority; or, or the authority that the government which was sort of limited. But he at least, he could talk about them. He had a pulpit and he could express his views about all these things. And he felt deeply about - Sam felt very deeply about human needs and social causes, social needs. And it gave him an opportunity to try to, uh, try to pursue those goals albeit maybe with[out?] any ability to put pen to paper and sign a document that solved the problem. But at least to talk about it. [cut before (chimes in background)]