Terry Goddard Interview -- Transitional Figure Interview

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TG = Terry Goddard

TG (T. Goddard): And of course Gary Peter Klahr sued the state, uh, at that time. Dad was the defendant. And so it was Klahr v. Goddard, which in fact brought reapportionment to Arizona. Uh, Dad had to fight against doing probably the right thing, which was to, uh, follow the Supreme Court's decision and have one-person-one-vote. Uh, so the 1966 legislature was the first one that had a.) a Republican majority because there was this extraordinary dominance now in Maricopa County. So he was right on the cusp.

If you had to talk about a transitional figure, here was a, uh, fairly liberal Democrat coming in to, to Arizona in the age of, of Barry Goldwater, John Rhodes, Paul Fannin, uh, and eventually Jack Williams, uh, who were certainly conservative and, and, and not, not anxious to, to move things forward. Dad wanted to move things forward very rapidly. He saw a lot of problems with the state just emerging into a, uh, an exciting new period of its development and he thought we needed a lot more tools. And he tried to get the state government equipped. I think in just two years he did a lot of good.