Terry Goddard Interview -- Sam Goddard and the Legislature

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TG = Terry Goddard

TG (T. Goddard): Dad was really representative of the new Arizona. Of people coming in and more interested in finance, his, his main business activity was radio communications. He understood something about electronics and knew something the, the rapid emergence that was coming to this, to this state. But he was often sort of the one person swimming against the stream. Uh, for instance, when they had to form the new finance department, uh, he couldn't get the votes in the Senate. And he actually took the chairman of one of the committees who was sort of dallying around and had promised that he'd have a vote, he'd have a vote. Never happened, week after week after week. Dad finally got angry about that and he walked over to the legislature, which the governor is never supposed to do, and actually physically picked the guy up, uh, put his arm around his chest and quick-marched from where he was to the committee where he had to vote. And he got the vote, uh, but they, they didn't like it. And it didn't help that at one point in the newspaper he called the legislature a 'group of gibbering idiots.' Uh, unfortunately he meant it. And, and they were. But it didn't improve relations one bit.