Sam Goddard Interview -- Election Night

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PS = Pam Stevenson - Agave Productions

SG = Sam Goddard

PS (Interviewer): We can talk about water a bit later. I wanted to finish up talking about yout election. When you won election as governor. Tell me what that was like. That election night.

SG (S. Goddard): (laughs) You can't describe an election night. Uh, in the first place the tension is very high. Awfully high and here in Arizona you've got separate and distinct uh voter groups and if you, if you want to keep going, if you lose it, you've got to hit them all, that night. Believe me. And if you win it, you have to hit them all twice. And we did. We just got in the car and we started in Tucson and we went over to Yuma. We went everywhere. I think we were up all night. Uh, and, and of course they were all jubilant and, you know -- 'Yay, we won! We won!' Oh, boy. And you think how many more times you gotta go (laughing) throught. How many more people you have to avoid looking as favorites. All that kind of stuff. It's hard. But it, it's better than losing. Yeah.