Terry Goddard Interview -- Terry as Assistant

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PS = Pam Stevenson - Agave Productions

TS = Terry Goddard

PS (Interviewer): So by '64 were you -- you were still back at, uh--

TG (T. Goddard): Yeah, yeah I graduated in '65 so I was still at Exeter.

PS(Interviewer): Well what do you remember about the '64 campaign?

TG (T. Goddard): Well a lot more. I was, I was, uh, again, traveling all summer when I wasn't in school or rowing. I, I had some, some -- in the early part of that summer I, I think I was in a regatta, uh, or a crew race. Uh, but as soon as I got home, I, I went into the campaign full time. I was, I was in the headquarters un Phoenix, uh, uh, everyday. And, uh, I traveled with him as sort of his, his primary aide. You know the, the guy who made sure he had his toothbrush. And, uh, you know, so I handled the phone calls and I handled, the just logistics and, and some research, cause I was, I was very interested in the issues. That, you know what it was they were talking about. And I used to -- I was the one that say in the back of the room, uh, and I remember a lot of these occasions. And, and it seems ironic because even how long I like to talk, uh, uh, I was the one who tried to cut him off. And, and my father had the approach that he would never give a set speech. That was just the starting point. He had somebody write, uh, a text, but he, he -- that was, that was where he would begin his remarks; it wasn't where he would confine them. And, and he, uh, he liked to believe and, and, and, and actually would justify, uh, rambling by, bt, the,uh, the justification that every audience deserved something new, something fresh, something original. And therefore, he would never give the same speech twice. And therefore, he never got compact. I mean he, he never got, uh, you know, the, the, the virtue of brevity. And, and he usually talked for an hour. Uh, I'd very seldom saying it was amazing to, uh, to be, you know, for instance on a mining union meeting in Morenci, or, or in Clifton or in Globe, uh, here's my father going on and on and on. And I'd be back in the room. Cause I knew that the audience had just completely lost any interest they might have had. Uh, and I had, you know, prepreinted signs that said, 'Stop', you know. And of course, most of the audience never saw me do this and I'm sure it was, it was pretty, uh -- he never, he never told me not to do it. And he never, uh, you know, exploded in, in any kind of anger. Although it must have been incredibly annoying to have this teenager sitting in the back of the room going 'stop, stop, shut up, cut.' Uh, but now Monica does it for me so --