Samuel P. Goddard Interview -- About the "Roadrunner" Transcript

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SG = Sam Goddard

PS = Pam Stevenson - Agave Productions

SG (Goddard): I, I picked the roadrunner because it was very -- and I didn't learn until after I picked it, it's a State of New Mexico's bird. Uh, but it was good and ran hard. You know, you've seen 'em. And, uh, of course, John Rhodes got very mad at me at that time because he had used the bird and he called it Rhodes' Runner. (laughs) Which wasn't, I didn't think, very appropriate. But anyway, he (laughs) he didn't like my using it.

PS (Interviewer): How did you use it?

SG (Goddard): Everywhere. I used it on all advertising. It used it as a symbol of, uh, running hard. And, uh, it, it was people like it and the stories come back like these ladies would come and tell me that their child had seen a roadrunner and called it a Goddard. And, that happened again and again. Uh, but the roadrunner, uh, and if you mistreated it, or said bad things about it, people would get sore, because they like the roadrunner. And, uh, it, it was just a wonderful symbol and we used it. We got roadrunners around here now. And, uh, they, uh, (laughs). It lasted as long as I did for heaven's sake.

Transcript Excerpt Courtesy of Agave Productions