Chicano Research Collection:

Collections Held

MP SPC 173:262

The Ocampo Family Papers describe the growth of the Ocampos, a pioneering family in Wickenburg, Arizona. These papers outline the contributions of a Mexican American family in Arizona as the Ocampos have been involved in the growth of Wickenburg, serving as active contributors to the Mexican American community in Arizona. Dating back to 1863, the collection consists of school and church records, civic and social documents, Mexican publications, and family scrap books which present the family's history. These documents, along with the Ocampo Family photograph collection, provide a detailed account of life for a Mexican American family in Arizona. Collection Call Number MM MSS 120

MP SPC 209:18

The Rose Marie and Joe Eddie Lopez Papers document the socio-political activism of a husband-and-wife team involved in the Chicano community in Phoenix throughout the turbulent Chicano movement era of the 1960's and early 1970's. The collection serves as an important record of the Lopez's civic and political efforts in providing greater recognition for Chicano culture, language, and tradition as demonstrated by the couple's political efforts. The papers include correspondence, news clippings, and political memorabilia. Collection Call Number MM MSS 130

Accession:1993: 0729

The Ed Pastor Papers contain information on Arizona's first Mexican American Congressman. The collection consists of correspondence, reports, and budgeting records from Congressman Pastor's political career dating back to 1977. These papers contain a record of Congressman Pastor's efforts to provide a voice for the Mexican American community in Arizona. Documenting his years as a member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the papers are examples of Pastor's efforts to represent his constituency. Also included are a number of Congressional research papers on domestic and foreign issues.Collection Call Number MM MSS 131

Courtesy of Cecilia Esquer

The Cecilia Teyechea Denogean de Esquer Papers are documents which reveal the work of a lawyer and educator, appointed to the Legal Services Committee in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. The collection dates from 1959 to the present and consists of professional correspondence, political literature, and various legal proposals. Esquer has worked extensively in civil service throughout Arizona and the collection reflects her contributions to various statewide committees. Aside from her work in politics and the law, Esquer has worked extensively as an educator at Arizona State University and Phoenix College. Collection Call Number MM MSS 36

MP SPC 293:123

The University Libraries' Arizona Collection possesses one of the finest collections of Mexican American images in the Southwest and Arizona. Included in this collection are: the Graciela Gil Olivarez Collection, a photographic record of Ms. Olivarez's accomplishments as a Phoenix radio announcer, the first woman graduate of Notre Dame law school, and as head of the Community Services Administration as appointed by President Jimmy Carter. Collection Call Number MP SPC 293

CP SPC 186.5:27

Los Mineros Collection - donated by Hector Galan, this collection details the working conditions and labor struggles of workers in the Morenci mines; the Ocampo Family collection, and provides a visual history of Mexican Americans in Arizona. A guide to these collections and other images can be used in the Luhrs Reading Room on Level 4 of the Hayden Library. Collection Call Number MP SPC 186