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Select Agreement

ASU Bookstore Select Agreement, including the Student Select Agreement Option

Valid Through: Oct 31 2006

ASAP Select Agreement through the State of Arizona

Valid Through: Feb 28 2007

The Select Agreements, except for the Student Select Program detailed below, are for Faculty and Staff at ASU.

The Select Agreement is a volume discount agreement. With the Select Agreement, ASU forecasts how many products we expect to purchase over the contract term, and prices are set based on that forecast.

With the Select Agreement, you can purchase in quantities of one copy, or as many as necessary. Also with the Select Agreement, the license is perpetual, which means you own the software at the end of the agreement. However, if you have purchased Software Assurance on that software, it does have a limited life span. See the Software Assurance guidelines for more information.

ASU is currently purchasing Servers and any software not covered on the Campus Agreement through the Select Agreement. For example, you would purchase Exchange Server or SQL Server through the Select Agreement. If your department did not include Visio and Project in its pre-paid Campus Agreement, they would also be ordered through the Select Agreement.

Windows 2003 Server CAL

This option was recently put in place to license 50,000 students at ASU for the Windows 2003 Server CAL.

Student Select Program

Students can purchase through the ASU Bookstore, with their personal funds, one copy each of: Mac Office, Office Standard for Windows, Office Pro for Windows or Windows Upgrade. These are perpetual licenses and are "full" software, not a lesser featured "student" version.

The ASU Bookstore offers this program.