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Student Accounts and Accounts Receivable (SAAR)

Student Accounts and Accounts Recievable (SAAR) system is maintained by Information Technology and Student Business Services.

SAAR Licenses

System: Windows

Version: 562

Availability: Download. (Note: you must log in with valid ASURITE UserID and password)

Restrictions: Staff only, limited to ASU related activities

Cost: $0

SAAR Installation

  1. Download DB2 UDB
  2. Log in as an administrator and install DB2 UDB
    (If you have a prior release of DB2 UDB on your PC, please uninstall it first.)
  3. Configure DB2 UDB
  4. Download SAAR Latest Version
    ( If you want to increase the speed of the download, disable VirusScan's Download Scan Feature.)
  5. Run SAAR install file