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ASU Campus Agreement

The Campus Agreement, managed by the ASU Bookstore, is an annual agreement offered university-wide. However, each department must "opt-in" on an annual basis and pre-pay for this service.

In the Campus Agreement, the price is determined (1) by the number of faculty and staff, and (2) by products to cover under the agreement.

For example, you have 2000 full time faculty, 3000 part time faculty, 1000 full time staff and 1000 part time staff. The FTE count is calculated as follows:

2000 + 3000/3 + 1000 + 1000/2 = 4500 FTE

The Campus Agreement is not a perpetual license, it is a subscription model. At the end of the contract the customer is required to renew the contract or uninstall software that is not in use.

At ASU, there are 3 Campus Agreements in place for Faculty (ASU Tempe/East, ASU West, and W.P. Carey School of Business) and one Campus Agreement for Students.

  • Information about the Campus Agreement for ASU West can be found here.
  • Information about the Campus Agreement for the W.P. Carey School of Business can be found here.

ASU Campus Agreement for Institution Owned Machines

The ASU Tempe/Polytechnic agreement renews February 1 every year - the Bookstore holds this agreement

  • Office Pro for Windows and Mac (includes InfoPath)
  • Publisher
  • Windows Upgrade (you need to purchase an OEM license when you get the machine as this is NOT included in the Campus Agreement)
  • Core CAL - client licenses for Windows 2003 Server, Systems Management Server, Exchange Server, Sharepoint Portal Server.
  • No Server products are currently covered (see Select Agreement)

Beginning Februrary, 2006, some departments at ASU opted to include the following products as part of their service to their faculty:

  • FrontPage
  • Project
  • Visio
  • Visual Studio .Net

This is only for Faculty and Staff included in the FTE count and labs (institution owned machines).

No Student owned machines/student access is included.

You are allowed to offer Home Use to your Faculty and Staff, but not to your Students. You do need to track this, provide information on responsibilities and distribute this with the special Work at Home media. You cannot burn copies of CD's for this or use the media from your software library.