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Software Assurance

Software Assurance is an option you can select when you make your initial software purchase with the Select Agreement.

Software Assurance is what some people call "upgrade insurance" or "version upgrade rights." Software Assurance is for a specific amount of time, current to your Select Contract (not when the software is purchased) and allows you to upgrade to new versions for free. Software Assurance must be purchased at the same time the software is ordered, it cannot be added in later on.

The Campus Agreement includes Software Assurance automatically; any product included in the Campus Agreement can be upgraded at any time during the agreement.

Software Assurance Benefits


A key element of Software Assurance is productivity. You can access the latest technology when you need it and choose to spread out payments annually. Offerings include:

  • New Version Rights - Simplify the procurement process, deploy at your own pace, and reduce the costs associated with acquiring new version releases by automatically receiving upgrades and updates of the software covered by Software Assurance.

Support Resources and Tools

Software Assurance provides institutions with access to Microsoft support resources and tools to help IT staff efficiently deploy and use software. You also have access to tools to help get systems up and running smoothly. Offerings include:

  • Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) - Build custom solutions that speed up deployment through automation. Available through the ASU Bookstore.
  • Corporate Error Reporting - Identify which systems are failing and why, map solutions to crashes, and connect to up-to-date knowledge and fixes.
  • Extended Lifecycle Hotfix Support - Customers with Software Assurance for their server software may request hotfixes for products in the Extended Support Phase (the two years following the five-year Mainstream Support Phase) without signing an up-front contract. As always, security fixes are automatically extended to customers.
  • "Cold" Backups for Disaster Recovery - Receive complimentary "cold" backup server Licenses for the purpose of disaster recovery. A cold server is a server that is turned off until a disaster arises. No other processing or production is done on this server.


With Software Assurance, faculty and staff can get up to speed quickly on new products, and IT professionals can keep up-to-date with the latest technical information and keep your institution moving forward with integration of current technology. The courses include streaming audio and video software demonstrations and animations. Offerings include:

  • Desktop eLearning - Get training on different versions of Microsoft Office (including the various applications), Microsoft Windows, and more. Includes courses specifically-designed to help you migrate to a new version.
  • Server eLearning - IT professionals can learn how to implement and administer Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000, Exchange Server, SQL Server and other Microsoft server products.