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Meeting Notes for February 2nd, 2006


  • McAfee license has been renewed for three years. NetApp version is included. Let Robin Manke-Cassidy know if you are running NetApp.
  • Warn clients about Black Worm threat. Recommend they have latest anti-virus definition and scan system. Systems will need to be wiped & reinstalled if infected.
  • Campus wide wireless implementation continues. New wireless network (asupublic) should begin popping up. Guests will have Internet access. ASU users will have Internet & ASU resources available. Do not need to register MAC address but systems checked daily.


Active Directory Update

Robin Manke-Cassidy, Central IT, ( )

Presentation will be posted on WNUG web site

  • Updated Forest diagram (11/2004)
  • All authentication through asurite, asuad
    • Student accounts in asuad
    • CALS for all faculty, staff and students
  • 39 NT 4 domain still exist – expect a visit from CIT soon
  • CLASS SLN group creation based on Class roster are available
  • Use Universal groups
  • Enterprise Windows Environment
    • Self-contained. Behind firewall with only access through Citrix
    • Meets HIPPA, FERPA requirements


Interface Technical Training

Robin Manke-Cassidy, Central IT, (

  • ASU and Interface Technical Training will be offering an OU Administrator training opportunity. This training will be geared specifically to ASU AD environment. Hopefully it will happen in April but more details will follow.
  • Interface Technical Training also announced a 'Buy 2 classes and Get 1 Free’. This special ASU promotion is valid from Feb. 1 to Sept 30, 2006. Call 602/266-8560 or visit for a list of courses and additional information.


Microsoft Software Assurance

JessicaFriedman, Microsoft, (

Presentation will be posted on WNUG web site

  • Basically refers to license maintenance…new releases are available for free during the agreement term
  • MSCA includes Software Assurance Membership (SAM) for products that are included with our campus agreement
  • Academic Select licensing = at the time you purchase a license you can also purchase Software Assurance (SA)
  • ASU MSCA includes the following:
    • Windows OS upgrade = includes Vista
    • Office = version 12 is expected to be released in the fall
    • Win PE = purchase through ASU Computer Store, send email to for more details
    • eLearning = check MS Press for listings of courses, contact for more details


Windows 2003 Server SP1

Sharon Bushart, CLAS IT, (

Presentation will be posted on WNUG web site Companion document of W2K3 SP1 Best Practices v2.doc will also be available on the WNUG web site.

  • Securing a Windows 2003 SP1 server in ASU Active Directory
  • Installing, configuring and securing
    • Local Administrator Accounts
    • Network Connections – Firewall, TCP/IP, etc
    • Shares
    • NTFS Permissions
    • Security Policy
      • Audit policy
      • User Rights
      • Security Options


  Updated February 3rd, 2006