WNUG Chair check list



To Do



Current Chair.  Make the current Co-Chair owner of the WNUG DLís and Sites. (DL.CMTE.UNCEL.WNUG, DL.CMTE.UNCEL.WNUG.Steering, Wiki, Web, SharePoint).  http://wnug.wiki.asu.edu , http://www.asu.edu/it/ag/wnug/


New-Chair.   Start looking at getting a Co-Chair. 

Finalize the October meeting, work on November, December.



Finalize the November meeting, work on December, January.



Finalize the December meeting, work on January, February.



Finalize the January meeting, work on February, March.



Working with Dawn Bowen (Bob Nelsonís Administrative Assistant), reserve CPCOM-120 for the next year (First Thursday of the month, unless it arrives on or too near a holiday).

Finalize the February meeting, work on March, April.



Invite Dr. Sannier to host the annual ďState of IT addressĒ.  Coordinate schedules and meeting date with Marsha Frank.  Coordinate with Guy Mullins and Jim Casey regarding televising/recording the event.

Contact Rooms@asu.edu or use ASTRA to book Coor-170 for late May (1st Thursday after Graduation).  Olga Vasquez is usually the contact.

Finalize the March meeting, work on April.



Finalize the April meeting, work on September.



Ask for a question list from WNUG members to consolidate and present to Dr. Sannier prior to the May address.



State of ASU IT Address.



Planning session for the September meeting, and final assistance for incoming Chair.





Questions to assist with Meeting topics:

  1. Current industry topics.  Can we get a technical demonstration from a vendor?
  2. What is Microsoft coming out with soon?  Can we involve Microsoft for a live speaking event?
  3. New Campus technology?  Campus expert to present?
  4. Any pressing Campus issues?  Can we get updates from Department Heads?

Before each meeting:

  1. One week out.  Check with Seth Levine for Breeze meeting availability (Seth will need to know if there will be additional laptops used).  Announce the WNUG meeting date, time, location and agenda.  DLís to send to:  dl.cmte.uncel; dl.cmte.ccc; dl.cmte.uncel.wnug
  2. One or two days out, send out a reminder to the same DL list.





Marsha Frank

Dr. Adrian Sannierís Assistant

CPCOM 461    (480)965-8419

Dawn Bowen

Bob Nelsonís Assistant

CPCOM 4S83   (480)727-0487

Seth Levine

Mgr - Univ Common Computing

CPCOM4N2   (480)965-0813

Jessica Friesen

Microsoft Higher Ed Rep.

(303) 833-0990  jessicaf@microsoft.com

Michael Greene

Microsoft Technical Presenter

(612) 203-9969  Michael.Greene@microsoft.com

Daren Stegelmeier

Microsoft Mgr. (Evangelist)

(801) 644-2400  darens@microsoft.com

Lannette Dunkeson

Dell Higher Ed Rep.

(480) 357-9239  Lannette_Dunkeson@dell.com

Update from Daren Stegelmeier (4-7-2008)

Shelly Sexton (Shelly.Sexton@microsoft.com) is covering ASU from an account manager perspective (Jessie is on extended family leave). 

Danny Knight (dknight@microsoft.com)is the Account Technology Specialist covering ASU.