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Windows Networking User Group





    The Windows Networking User Group (WNUG), is an organization of Windows network users from campus-wide departmental units who have come together to share technical expertise. WNUG acts as an advisory body to the University Network Connected Equipment Liaisons (UNCEL) regarding Windows-based networks

    Mission Statement

    The mission of WNUG is to facilitate and promote the exchange of expertise relating to the deployment of Windows networking solutions to the ASU community.


    Membership in WNUG is open to all ASU employees who spend a significant portion of their daily activities administrating and advising others about Windows and Windows-based networks and whose job functions also include computing consulting. All employee members are voting members on issues relative to the purpose and mission of the group. Student workers can become member of WNUG by being sponsored by the college/department in which they work. Student workers will not have voting privileges on issues relative to the purpose and mission of the group.

    Members are encouraged to obtain electronic mail access as communications to members is achieved through the WNUG listserv (DL.CMTE.UNCEL.WNUG). WNUG information and networking solutions will be posted on WNUG Web pages on ASU Web Server.

    Officers and Steering Committee

    Meetings are conducted by an elected Chair and Co-chair who work closely with the members of the WNUG Steering Committee. The Co-chair is elected by the general membership and will hold office for one (1) year (beginning with the October meeting). The Co-Chair then becomes the Chair for the next year’s term. The Chair and Co-chair will take an active role representing the general WNUG membership to UNCEL. The Chair will appoint a WNUG officer or a member of the Steering Committee as the WNUG representative to the UNCEL Executive Committee.

    A note taker is also elected by the general membership and will hold office for one (1) year (beginning with the October meeting) and can be re-elected to the position, not to exceed two (2) years in office. The note taker is responsible for taking minutes at the general WNUG meetings and Steering Committee meetings , and publishing them to the general membership in a timely manner.

    The Steering Committee is composed of active WNUG members who are at least 50% or greater University employed and the past Chair. The Steering Committee and the WNUG Officers are responsible for setting the meeting agendas. The Steering Committee membership includes:

    - one (1) liaison from Information Technology (IT) being the conduit to IT, appointed by IT management

    - members from the various Colleges and Departments will be nominated to serve on the Steering Committee. The Chair and Co-Chair will select six (6) people to serve on the Steering Committee.

    Steering Committee members serve a two (2) year term (beginning with the October meeting). The past Chair serves for a one (1) year term following his/her year as Chair.*

    Nominations and Elections

    Nominations and general elections for Co-Chair and note taker are held on a yearly basis. Nominations will take place in August. Officer elections will take place at the September meeting. Nominations are taken from the general WNUG active membership.

    A special election will be held, as needed, in the event that an Officer vacates his/her position before the designated term of office has expired. Nominations will be solicited from the general membership. The special election will take place at the next general meeting following the announcement of the position vacancy.

    Meetings of WNUG are held the first Thursday of every month. The first half of the meeting will be devoted to user issues. The second half of the meeting will be devoted to administrative and more in-depth technical issues. Notices of meetings, meeting agendas, and meeting locations will be announced to the general membership via the WNUG listserv.


  Updated February 8th, 2003