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The purpose of this site is to act as your primary source for guidance, resources and information when transacting Human Resource and Payroll related functions. Included in this site are links to applicable policies, PeopleSoft access and other important news updates. You will notice that activities will be identified with a legend based on who has primary responsibility for a specific action as well as when there may be joint participation. The site is presented by major activities:

  • Position Management - to establish or modify a position; identify accounting/funding for the position; cross reference between position and incumbent.
  • Recruit/Hire - by employment type, step by step from recruiting to onboarding of employees.
  • Academic & Graduate Renewal Process - guides to follow for Summer/Winter & Renewal of academic and research staff.
  • Time Reporting - standards and guidelines for reporting time.
  • Payroll & Related Payroll Processes - biweekly accounting/payroll transactions, reports as well as requesting corrections due to overpayment, retro pay & transactions associated with terminations.
  • Job Changes/Salary Actions - steps to follow for any job related changes from promotions, salary adjustments to terminations.
  • Leaves Management - steps, forms, and policies necessary for departments to administer a faculty or staff leave of absence.


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