November 27, 2006


As many of you know, Arizona State University has embarked on a path to become the New American University: an accessible university of high academic rank focused on excellence, access and impact.  At the heart of this vision is an implicit pledge to the people of Arizona – a commitment to those with a dream and a desire to realize their full capacity and potential through education.

In support of all such individuals, ASU has vowed to recruit, enroll, educate and advance Arizonans from every geographic, economic, social, cultural and educational background.  Our “Sun Devil Promise” is to enroll and educate the full measure of Arizona for the benefit of each person and the greater good of our state.  ASU will make good on this promise by welcoming the talent and potential of Arizona's youth, and insuring access to excellent, high quality education independent of one's ability to pay.

Two years ago, we launched ASU Advantage, a grant program that covers the full cost of tuition, fees, room/board and books ($13,000/year) for four years to all qualified Arizonans matriculating from family households with incomes at or below the federal poverty level ($18,850).  More than 600 students have entered ASU through this program. These students, without this support would not have access to post-secondary education.

Today, we are enhancing that original commitment by extending this support to households with incomes at or below $25,000/year.  With nearly 47% of Arizona youth living in low-income homes, this is yet another step toward a brighter collective future for Arizona.  Few universities nationally offer this type of assistance, and ASU is proud to be among the first.

The Sun Devil Promise extends to all Arizonans.  Last year, beyond our disbursement of $385 million in federal aid, we allocated nearly $100 million in university scholarship and grant support to over 15,000 deserving students from virtually every income level.  The average award covered the full cost of tuition for nearly 8,000 of these students and with federal aid, more than half of our 63,000 students receive full support of tuition.   

The Sun Devil Promise is an inherent component of everything we do at ASU.  From our work with students and families in the community, to our school outreach, and our involvement with community agencies, business, industry and education leaders – ASU is dedicated to partnering with all who share our interest in investing in human capital, increasing personal achievement, and enhancing the quality of life in Arizona through education.

Our Sun Devil Promise is a tangible pledge to Arizona.  To learn more, please visit .

Michael M. Crow
Arizona State University

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