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ECURE 2006 February 27 - March 1 Speakers

[Photo of Lee Mandell]

Lee Mandell
Design Team Manager
Archivists' Toolkit
The Archivists' Toolkit: A Project Update


Coming soon.

Presentation Abstract

The Archivists' Toolkit is a multi-institution, multi-year project funded by the The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The project's primary objective is development of an information management system for archival information that will result in more efficient and less expensive processing of archival resources, as well as increased standardization of archival information. The specification for the application was released for public comment at the end of last summer. This session at ECURE will discuss how the specification has been revised as a result of public comment and will demonstrate an early working prototype of the application. Ample time will be provided for questions from the audience.