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ECURE 2001 October 9-11 Speakers

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Shawn Rounds
Government Records Specialist
State Archives Department, Minnesota Historical Society
Trustworthy Electronic Records: An Information Systems Approach


Shawn Rounds is a Government Records Specialist with the State Archives Department of the Minnesota Historical Society, where her work focuses on electronic records. She is the co-author of the Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook and is currently project manager for a federally funded effort to develop pilot educational workshops for archivists and their constituencies on XML and metadata. Additionally, she chairs a state committee which is developing a recordkeeping metadata standard. Ms. Rounds serves on the National Association of Government Archivists and Records Administrators (NAGARA) Committee on Electronic Records and Information Systems as editor for the organization’s electronic records newsletter, Crossroads. She can be reached at shawn.rounds@mnhs.org.