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ECURE 2001 October 9-11 Speakers

[photo of Cal Lee]

Cal Lee
Doctoral Student
University of Michigan School of Information
Emulation, Migration, and Long-Term Preservation of Electronic Records


Cal Lee is a doctoral student at the University of Michigan School of Information, where he serves as research assistant on a project called CAMiLEON, which is exploring the potential viability of emulation as a digital preservation method. In recent years, he has had the opportunity to assist a number of organizations in their efforts to manage, preserve and provide access to digital materials. Cal also coauthored a book with Jeffrey MacKie-Mason entitled the Telecommunications Guide to the Internet. He has given numerous presentations and authored several documents on issues related to electronic records management and preservation.

Cal recently served as Electronic Records Project Archivist at the Kansas State Historical Society. In this capacity, he helped to develop retention schedules for electronic records; analyzed agency recordkeeping and user needs in order to provide recommendations on the implementation of new information technology systems; created and maintained an online topical directory of Electronic Recordkeeping Resources; participated in a number of policy efforts, including the development of the state's electronic signature legislation; coauthored several guidance documents; and worked to create and then chaired the Kansas Electronic Records Committee.

He also maintains an up-to-date version of the directory of Electronic Recordkeeping Resources: www-personal.si.umich.edu/~calz/ermlinks.