Intercultural Harmony
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Using the Curriculum

When we sing together,
we all say the
same words even with different accents.

The panel of community experts at the retreat.


We began our curriculum-building effort by reaching agreement among the panel of community leaders on some basic pre-requisites of intercultural harmony. We encourage you to begin by reading them under the heading of Assumptions.

When consulting this web page, next visit Principles (from 1-15), which are concepts upon which the curriculum was built. Principles are complemented by key thoughts, listed on the page where each principle appears. Exercises are activities in which a group can engage to practice harmonious behaviors, and the Step-by-Step pages (from 1-29) show exactly how to practice those behaviors in a simple and fun way. For a better understanding, we suggest that you begin by examining the principles and then move, in sequential order, to the detailed step-by-step exercises. The exercises and the steps suggested can be adapted to various different audiences, school children, community groups, seniors, etc.


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