Intercultural Harmony
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We appreciate the support of the Musser Fund which made this project possible.

The project was based at the ASU College of Extended Education and was directed Emilia Martinez-Brawley, Professor of Social Work and John F. Roatch Distinguished Community Service Scholar, who has many years of experience teaching and researching issues related to intercultural communication and exchange.

Marcie Lee assisted in the development of the exercises, Judith Padres with the research and Kenichi Maruyama with administration.

We acknowledge the participation of a distinguished panel of community professionals and the support of the College of Extended Education staff, particularly Chrys Gakopoulos of the Marketing Department, who provided the technical expertise for  the web based product.

Teri Woods kindly permitted us to use a melody from her CD "Tucson to Tir na nOg," containing Celtic-Sonoran ballads and harmonies, We appreciated Natalie Gakopoulos putting the music on the web. 

Sitting from left to right:
Emilia Martinez-Brawley, Chrys Gakopoulos, Kenichi Maruyama.
Standing from left to right:
Judith Padres and Marcie Lee.

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