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Access to ASU Dashboards

From the matrix below, either click on the individual dashboard name to request access to that specific dashboard or click on the Warehouse links to gain access to all dashboards under them. For more dashboard access information, please refer to the FAQ next to the matrix.

Dashboard Student Warehouse HR Warehouse Financial Warehouse All Employees All Students
Admission Services
Administrative System Access
ASU Staff Training
Benefit Reporting
Budget Position Control
Course Enrollment Management
CRM Support
Enrollment Tracking
Fulton Executive
Global Launch Migration
Human Resources
Information Security Training
Personnel Transaction Requests
Prerequisite Review
RCR Training
Retention *
Sponsored Effort Reporting
Super Report
Time Reporting
Transfer Pathway Programs
Unit Performance Survey
* Additional PeopleSoft Roles are required to view content inside the dashboard.

Dashboard Access Request FAQs

Q: What is the difference between warehouse access and individual dashboard access?
A: Requesting access to a warehouse will grant you access to all dashboards that share certain information such as Student or HR. If your job requires you to view several dashboards in a category or use My Reports you should request warehouse access and if you only need a single dashboard then request only individual access.

Q: As a student worker can I access dashboards?
A: Students can request access to individual dashboards and will be considered for access, but students will not be granted warehouse access. All students have access to the Sponsored Effort Reporting and Research dashboards, so feel free to have a look at those.

Q: How do I request individual dashboard access?
A: Simply click on the name of the dashboard in the chart to the left and fill out the form and submit it. Be sure to include your supervisorís ASURite as well as your reason for needing access. You will receive an email when you have been granted or denied access to the dashboard.

Q: How do I request warehouse access?
A: Click on the name of the warehouse you would like to request access to on the chart to the left (Student or HR). Fill out the form you are directed to including your supervisorís ASURite as well as your reason for needing access. You will receive an email within a few days if you are granted or denied access.

Q: Why canít I get into all dashboards?
A: Dashboards show a very diverse set of information, some of which is very sensitive and some is not. For this reason, each dashboard has a different set of rules that allow some users access while denying others.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions?
A: Please submit a ticket to dashboards@asu.edu with questions about dashboards including how to get access.

Q: What happens after I request access?
A: Your request must be reviewed by one or more data trustees and this process will take several days. If you do not receive an email informing you that you have access within 5 business days, please submit a ticket to dashboards@asu.edu.