Commission on the Status of Women

ASU Resources

Listed below are links to organizations and programs at ASU. If you know of any other resources, which you think should be posted on the CSW website, please contact us.

Campus Environment Team

The mission of the CET is to: (1) create and maintain a civil and just campus environment that values diversity, (2) promote respect for all individuals regardless of their status, 3) protect free speech and academic freedom, and 4) promote the pursuit of individual goals without interference from discriminatory harassment.

ASU Family Resources

Child and Family Services (CFS) has served students, faculty and staff since 1989. CFS is committed to supporting families in effectively managing their family, work and educational responsibilities. CFS provides university families with appropriate resource and referral information, advocates for the needs of families, and collaborates with departments, in the development and delivery of programs and services to the ASU community

University Staff Council

The Council advises the President of ASU and directs itself to the following tasks: improving the employment environment, policies, and procedures affecting classified staff; improving the general welfare and equal opportunity for classified staff; enhancing internal communication among classified staff, other campuses, universities, and local communities; and promoting organizational development.

Counseling and Consultation

Counseling and Consultation (C&C) provides confidential psychological and psychiatric services for enrolled ASU students. Counseling and psychiatric services are primarily short term and include developmental, preventive and educational services. Members of the C&C multidisciplinary staff include psychologists, counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, and a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Employee Assistance Office

The Employee Assistance Office is an on-campus employee Behavioral Health and Organizational Consultation service for Arizona State University. Behavioral Health services are provided free of charge, regardless of whether the problem arises in one’s personal life or in the workplace. Our staff of licensed professionals, representing several mental health fields including Psychology, Psychiatry and Social Work, will help to resolve a range of personal, work and family problems that affect your well-being.

Employee Resource Center

The Employee Resource Center provides a variety of services and programs to ASU employees including a full service resource library, career development workshops, resume/cover letter assistance, and computer access.

Faculty Women's Association

Since 1954 the ASU Faculty Women's Association has presented programs designed to enlighten and provide information about issues affecting academic women at ASU.

Graduate Women's Association

The purpose of this organization is to address issues commonly encountered by graduate women. As an organization the GWA facilitates interdisciplinary interactions for both professional and social development. The GWA fosters an open forum for members to seek positive solutions, feedback, and support. The GWA actively seeks, provides, and prepares participants for mentoring relationships both within and outside the ASU community.

Intergroup Relations Center

The Intergroup Relations Center enhances the University's primary directives of teaching and learning, through the application of social justice approaches to diversity and intergroup relations programming ,and scholarship in partnership with campus and external communities. See also Intergroup Relations Center -- Women's Programs

Multicultural Student Center

The Multicultural Student Center works very closely with both the university and surrounding community on various collaborative efforts. Each programmatic initiative is designed to help multicultural students at the junior high, high school or college level develop academically, personally and professionally.


The SafeZONE program provides education for faculty, staff, and students about lifestyle issues pertaining to the LGBTQ community. Participants can attend one of two training sessions: "SafeZONE 101" or "SafeZONE Ally Development." Topics covered in the training sessions include among others definitions, symbols of pride, and heterosexual privilege.

Sister Friends

Sister Friends/African American Women of ASU is an organization consisting of faculty and staff that promotes networking opportunities and encourages social interaction among it members. The organization's goal is to provide mentorship and moral support for successful professional growth.

Student Recreation Complex

The SRC is a full service fitness facility for ASU students, faculty, and staff. The SRC offers a variety of fitness programs including weight training, aerobics, and yoga. Whatever your fitness goals, the SRC can help make it happen.

Student Life

Student Life strives to enhance student learning and student achievement by fostering a positive, inclusive campus environment through programs and services which support the needs of a diverse student population; providing opportunities for students to engage in experiences that enrich the value of their education; assisting students in developing leadership and life skills in order to empower them to advocate for their needs and interests; and, creating awareness and promoting understanding in order to educate students about student, community and social issues.


Ubiquity is a group of Arizona State University staff and faculty concerned with lesbian, gay, and bisexual issues. Ubiquity's concern extends from University matters to local, regional, and national ones. Most members of Ubiquity are lesbian, gay, or bisexual; however, the organization does welcome anyone supportive of lesbian, gay, and bisexual concerns.

University Career Women

The mission of University Career Women is to provide opportunities for professional and personal development, advance the status of, and improve the environment for women at Arizona State University. The UCW strives to provide a mechanism for women to affect issues; provide professional and personal development programs; and create and inspire opportunities in a supportive and accepting environment.

Wellness Network

ASU's Wellness Network is a group of professionals who create and collaborate on wellness programs for ASU students. The network is composed of committees that work on programming, policy development and analysis, and marketing and outreach to ASU students.

Women in Science and Engineering

The WISE program at Arizona State University is dedicated to developing programs and services which improve the climate for and support women in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Currently, WISE offers many programs and services to recruit and retain women within the CEAS and encourage them to pursue academic majors and careers in engineering.