Commission on the Status of Women

ASU CSW/SC 2014 Professional Development Conference

Registration Instructions & Important Notes


Conference Information:
The ASU CSW/SC Professional Development Conference 2014 is hosted by the ASU Commission on the Status of Women and the ASU Staff Council.  This year’s conference is scheduled to take place on October 1st at the Downtown and West Campuses, and on October 2nd at the Tempe and Polytechnic Campuses.  The conference will run from 8:30AM-3:30PM on both days.  

The conference is open to all  current ASU faculty, staff and students – and attendees may attend programs at any of the four campuses.  Most importantly, the conference is completely free of charge to all attendees. 

Per SPP 601, supervisors and employees are encouraged to work together to identify reasonable work modifications to allow the employee to attend conference workshops, without negatively impacting service. 

Registration Instructions & Important Notes

  • You will need to submit a registration for each session that you wish to attend.  You will receive an email confirmation for each registration.  Please retain all registration confirmations for your records and bring a copy of your conference schedule  to the event.  We will not have access to your registration on the day of the conference.

Other Notes:

  • OPEN ATTENDANCE:  Registrants may attend workshops at any of the ASU campuses and on both conference days if they would like. 
  • WEBCAST: Some workshop sessions this year will be webcast from the Tempe campus via ASU live.  If you would like to watch a webcast of a live session, you will need to register for the session.  Be sure to utilize the special webcast link provided.  You will be provided with instructions and workshop materials the day before the session.
  • NO COST:  The conference is completely free of charge and is open to all current ASU staff, faculty and students.
  • CONCURRENT SESSIONS & 2 HOUR SESSIONS:  At Tempe, there are concurrent sessions going on at the same time, and some sessions are two hours in length.  Please register for only one session per time block, so that you are not registered for multiple sessions going on at the same time.  During a system sweep, if you are registered for multiple sessions scheduled at the same time, all of your registrations for that time block will be cancelled.
  • CANCELLATIONS:  If you are unable to attend a session, please cancel your registration by emailing to cancel your registration. In your cancellation email provide your name and what sessions you are cancelling.  Registration cancellations must be submitted by September 26th.
  • QUESTIONS: If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please email or contact Karen Engler, CSW Senior Coordinator at