Commission on the Status of Women

ASU CSW/SC 2014 Professional Development Conference

Polytechnic Campus: Thursday, October 2, 2014

The CSW/SC Professional Development Conference at the Polytechnic Campus will take place in the Student Union Cooley Ballroom A & B.

Workshops will run from 8:30AM-2:15PM, with check-in beginnning at 8:15AM.

Conference workshops and the networking luncheon is open to all ASU faculty, staff, and students -- and is completely free of charge.

Per SPP 601, supervisors and employees are encouraged to work together to identify reasonable work modifications to allow the employee to attend conference workshops, without negatively impacting service.

Due to limited seating, registration is required for each conference workshop/event that you would like to attend.

Listed below is the conference schedule, workshop descriptions, and registration links. For information on workshop presenters, visit the Presenters page.

If you have any questions, please email

Conference Schedule & Workshop Information

  Polytechnic Campus Conference  
Schedule Workshop & Registration Link Workshop Description





Effective Workplace Communication: It's Not Me, It's You
Presenter: Kiersten Gjersted
(2 Hour Workshop Session)

Registration Link:

Student Union Ballroom A


Communication is often a complex subject, rich with emotions and confusion, but essential for us to understand to be successful at work and in life.  The session will explore three communication elements and offer development opportunities that will create a strong foundation for improving our interactions with others.




Juggling & Organizing Your Finances: Budgeting, Debt Reduction, and Planning
Presenter: Brandon Paoletti
Registration Link:

Student Union Ballroom A


This introductory workshop helps you to think about fundamental financial concepts like budgeting, saving, compounding interest, credit scores, and the importance of each of these when planning for you and your family's financial future.


Lunch Session

Assert Yourself: Assertiveness Training

Presenter: Leonard Nasca

Registration Link:

Student Union Ballroom B

This is a lunch session. Lunch will be provided for registered attendees.

Are you someone who sits back to avoid conflict, and are looking for an effective way to change this about yourself?  When and how do you stand up for your personal boundaries?  There is a fine line between aggressive behavior and behavior that is assertive, learn the difference and how to use both effectively.  This class will give you practical tools and examples of how to use assertiveness to obtain your goals of success without compromising your integrity. 


Superstar Customer Service: Strategies for Providing Excellent Customer Service to the ASU Community

Presenters: Crystal Gustavson and Stacey Lippert
Registration Link:

Student Union Ballroom A


How do our customers--our students and their families--want to be treated? What makes the job of serving students in higher education so unique? How do we know if we are living up to their customer service expectations?

The definition of customer service might look a little different to each one of us, but it is important to know that there are basic principles and proven techniques that can help you provide exceptional service. This session will give participants an overview of different philosophies of customer service. We will also discuss methods of benchmarking and setting customer service standards, as well as ideas for how to evaluate your customers and assess their level of satisfaction. Further, we will explore techniques that can help you develop positive relationships with our students and provide the exceptional service that our students deserve.

Session Objectives

  1. Review the ASU Service Standard and Sun Devil Service Principles
  2. Learn how to define service excellence within your team and develop techniques that help provide exceptional service
  3. Understand the student experience and learn the student-centric approach for service communications
  4. Discuss benchmarking methods and how to best set service standards

Explore methods of collecting student feedback and assessing their level of satisfaction