Commission on the Status of Women

ASU CSW/SC 2013 Professional Development Conference

Downtown Campus: October 2, 2013

The CSW/SC Professional Development Conference at the Dowtown Campus will take place in Cronkite 444.

Workshops will run from 8:30AM-3:30PM, with check-in beginnning at 8:00AM.

The conference and all workshop offerings are open to all current ASU faculty, staff, and students -- and is completely free of charge.

Per SPP 601, supervisors and employees are encouraged to work together to identify reasonable work modifications to allow the employee to attend conference workshops, without negatively impacting service.

Due to limited seating, registration is required for each conference workshop/event that you would like to attend.

Listed below is the conference schedule, workshop descriptions, and registration links. For information on workshop presenters, visit the Presenters page.

If you have any questions, please email


Conference Schedule & Workshop Information

  Downtown Campus Conference Location: Cronkite 444
Schedule Workshop & Registration Link Workshop Description




Assert Yourself: Assertiveness Training
Presenter: Leonard Nasca
Registration Link:


Are you someone who sits back to avoid conflict, and are looking for an effective way to change this about yourself?  When and how do you stand up for your personal boundaries?  There is a fine line between aggressive behavior and behavior that is assertive, learn the difference and how to use both effectively.  This class will give you practical tools and examples of how to use assertiveness to obtain your goals of success without compromising your integrity



Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Strategies for Professionalism in the Workplace
Presenter: Mary Fachman
Registration Link:


You are continually making impressions on supervisors, colleagues and customers in the work place whether you realize it or not. Professionalism is what sets you apart and gives you an edge in your career.  This workshop will give you tips on how to enhance your professional image and demonstrate your competence on a daily basis.  You will leave with common sense ideas on how to gain the confidence and respect of those around you and become known as the “consummate professional”.



Interpersonal Networking Skills
Presenter: Mary Fachman
Registration Link:


Networking is a valuable skill that can help you throughout your personal and professional life. This workshop will cover the who, what, where, when and why of networking and allow you to practice with others to develop your skills.
Attendees are strongly encouraged to register for the “Applied Networking Skills Luncheon” which directly follows this session.  At the luncheon, attendees will be able to practice the skills learned in the “Interpersonal Networking Skills” session.  Registration is required for the luncheon.



Applied Networking Skills Luncheon
Presenter: Mary Fachman
Registration Link:


Have you ever sat down at a table and no one was talking? Talk about uncomfortable! This session will reinforce the importance of networking and participants will engage in a variety of activities to practice networking in a dining setting because it’s never about the food. Rather, it’s about building rapport and relationships over a meal.

Lunch will be provided.

It is strongly recommended that attendees register and attend the “Interpersonal Networking Skills” workshop session from 11:00AM-Noon.  This session will outline skills and strategies that can be utilized in the luncheon.



Working With & Supporting Your Student Worker
Presenter: Ulises Velasco

Registration Link:


In many units, student workers are an essential part of a unit’s organization and success.  This workshop will cover how to be a successful supervisor to your student worker and how to deal with common issues that arise with student workers, so that the experience is successful for everyone.


Stress Management: Managing Stress from Juggling It All
Presenter: Julia Pearl
Registration Link:


As a working professional it is often challenging to juggle the high demands of work and family while remembering the extreme value of taking the time to nurture yourself, in the way that you do for others. In this session you will learn fun, simple and practical tools to manage your stress, which will increase your productivity while enhancing your well-being and ultimately your quality of life. This session focuses on you!