Commission on the Status of Women

West campusCSW West Campus

The CSW at the West campus has 10-15 members and runs under the direction of Commission Chair Catherine Kerrey. CSW West focuses on a variety of projects including campus climate and professional development. For more information on the work of CSW West, contact the CSW office at


CSW West Membership 2013-2014
CSW West Chair Catherine Kerrey
CSW West Chair Elect Melanie Hayden Glover
CSW Senior Coordinator Karen Engler
Provost Appointed Membership Representative
University Staff Representative  
Academic Professional Representative Lisa Kammerlocher
University Staff Representative Tracy Encizo
Faculty Representative Karla Murphy
ExOfficios, Liaisons, & Volunteers  
CSW Ex-Officio: Past Chair Anne Suzuki
Ex-Officio: Human Resources Margot Monroe
Liaison: Vice President's Office Kathy Gunn
Liaison: TRIO RaShonda Flint
CSW Volunteer Member Julie Amparano
CSW Volunteer Member Lyn Duron