Commission on the Status of Women

Student Union Building Polytechnic campusCSW Polytechnic Campus

The CSW at the Polytechnic campus has 8-10 members and runs under the direction of Commission Chair Barbara Aarestad and Chair-Elect Sarah Nucci. CSW Polytechnic focuses on a variety of projects including research, professional development and issues related to campus climate. For more information on the work of CSW Polytechnic, contact the CSW office at


CSW Polytechnic Membership 2013-2014  
CSW Polytechnic Chair Barbara Aarestad
CSW Polytechnic Chair Elect Sarah Nucci
CSW Senior Coordinator Karen Engler
Provost Appointed Membership Representative
University Staff Representative Jaclyn Terry
University Staff Representative  
University Staff Representative  
Faculty Representative Ginny Saiki
ExOfficios, Liaisons, & Volunteers  
CSW Service Representative Jennifer Williams
CSW Service Representative Laurie Bitz