Commission on the Status of Women

University Center Building Downtown PhoenixCSW Downtown Phoenix Campus

The CSW for the Downtown Phoenix campus was established in Spring 2007. The CSW at Downtown Phoenix campus currently has 10-12 members and runs under the direction of Commission Chair Elaine Rostad and Chair-Elect Audrey Dumouchel-Jones

For more information on the work of CSW Downtown, contact the CSW office at



CSW Downtown Membership 2013-2014  
CSW Downtown Chair Elaine Rostad
CSW Downtown Chair Elect Audrey Dumouchel-Jones
CSW Senior Coordinator Karen Engler
Provost Appointed Membership Representative
University Staff Representative Shanan Bouchard
University Staff Representative Cookie Ellis
University Staff Representative Janina Lodej
Faculty Representative Pamela Stewart
Graduate Student Representative Adriana Salcido
ExOfficios, Liaisons, & Volunteers  
CSW Ex-Officio: Past Chair Carol A. Sumner
CSW Ex-Officio: Past Chair Pamela Stewart
Ex-Officio: Human Resources Audrey Dumouchel-Jones
Ex-Officio: Human Resources Margot Monroe
Liaison: ASU Online Cookie Ellis
Liaison: CCI Edwin Gonzalez-Santin
CSW Service Representative Lori Grover