Commission on the Status of Women

CSW Outstanding Achievement and Contribution Awards

2006 Award Recipients

Christine Fiori

Assistant Professor,
Del E. Webb School of Construction

As a woman in the typically male dominated field of engineering, Christine Fiori is dedicated not only to increasing the number of successful women in the field, but also to raising awareness of the unique issues facing women in the field. Through her work as the faculty advisor for the Construction Women’s Alliance and instructor with the WISE summer bridge program, Christine has inspired and mentored countless women to enter this challenging field. In addition to her work with women’s organizations, Christine has devoted much of her academic study to raising awareness of women’s issues. Recently, Christine worked with another faculty member to develop a unique course which examines gender issues in the field of construction. This course not only benefits women, but it helps to educate men on the strengths that women have to offer in the construction workplace. As her colleague notes, “Chris realizes that for an individual to achieve success, she must not only help those around her but remember those who came before her and those will come after.”

Mutsumi Nakamura

Computer Science and Engineering

As we all know, there is a national problem with the recruitment and retention of women in Computer Science. Mutsumi Nakamura is a woman dedicated to changing this. In her time at ASU, Mutsumi has sought out talented women and encouraged them to enter the field of computer science – these were students, who had an interest in the field, but would have not done so without the encouragement and one-on-one mentoring by Dr. Nakamura. Her efforts do not stop there. For those women students that are already in the field, Mutsumi has been a tireless advocate of the group Women in Computer Science. In her role as faculty advisor, Mustumi has organized a number of important activities and competitions, dedicated to encouraging women to take on leadership roles in the field. Women who attended these programs were forever changed by the experience. In all respects, Mutsumi is a fantastic role model and mentor for women – and through her efforts, the face of Computer Science is slowly changing to reflect our diverse world.

Hillary Pinney

Student Activity,
Women and Gender Studies

Hillary has been described as a “woman on the move.” She can be found organizing, promoting, and leading campus activities that advocate for women’s leadership, diversity and empowerment. If there is a demonstration or an event on Hayden Lawn, look for Hillary to be there! Among some of her recent accomplishments include a controversial demonstration entitled “Die-In” which raised awareness on the consequences of eliminating a woman’s right to choose as well as organizing group participation in the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Human Rights Conference. Hillary’s efforts have also culminated in coalition building amongst a number of women’s groups on campus – creating a louder voice for our community to hear. Hillary’s dedication to promoting awareness, change, diversity, and activism will no doubt have a lasting impact at ASU.

Sasha Ramayya

Management Research Analyst,
Institutional Analysis

If there is an organization or a committee on campus that is dedicated to issues such as diversity, gender equity, campus climate, or staff rights, you can bet that Sasha has in some way been involved. Sasha is a dedicated member of a number of organization including the Classified Staff Council, the Campus Environment Team, the Asian American Staff Association, the CSW, and the Diversity Policy Council, just to name a few. Sasha serves on these committees, not because she is obligated to, but she serves on these committees because she wants to. And while many may attend organizational meetings, Sasha takes an active role on every group that she serves, often sacrificing personal time to make sure things are accomplished. Her notable work includes researching raising awareness on career progression issues faced by classified staff. As one members notes, “Sasha’s efforts are marked by her persistence to see that issues are made public. She is never distracted from her efforts and she fights for what is right about the New American University .” Sasha is the loud voice, for those that are often not heard.