Commission on the Status of Women

CSW Outstanding Achievement and Contribution Awards

2003 Award Recipients

Gail Hackett

Vice Provost
Office of the Provost

Throughout her years of service at ASU, Gail Hackett has proved herself to be a "tireless and effective advocate" for women’s rights. Recognized nationally as an expert on women and their careers, Gail has been instrumental in not only bringing attention to women’s issues, but also in promoting changes in policy and practice at all levels of the university. A few of Gail’s many accomplishments in this area include the development of a Child and Dependent Care Task Force, revision of policies related to family leave, and the recognition domestic partners in employee benefit packages. In addition to influencing policy, Gail has also provided both direct and indirect support to campus groups who advocate on behalf of women, including CSW. As a colleague put it, "Gail is completely committed to promoting values and issues of key importance to women on campus" – and for that we are all thankful.

Maureen Duane

Coordinator of Child and Family Services
Student Affairs

Since joining ASU in 1989, Maureen Duane has worked continuously to ensure that the university makes progress in developing "family friendly" policies, and programs. Maureen not only developed the Child and Family Services Program, but she also helped in the design of the Campus Children’s Center, a resource enjoyed by many. Furthermore in 2001, Maureen’s grant to the U.S. Department of Education was funded which provided a number of services to needy families including child care subsidies to low-income student parents and the installation of diaper changing stations across campus. In addition to providing family friendly services, Maureen has served in a variety of leadership roles such as co-chair of the Child and Dependent Care Task Force, President of University Career Women, and President of the University Work/Family Association. In many respects, it is Maureen’s "dedication, vision, creativity, and passion" which helps make ASU "a more supportive setting for those balancing work/school/family issues."

Jeanne Hanrahan

Director of Learning Communities
Provost’s Office --ASU East

Jeanne Hanrahan has been described by many as being instrumental in promoting awareness to issues of diversity and gender at ASU East. Recognizing the fact that at the East campus, there were no mechanisms in place to where women could bring issues of concern, Jeanne took initiative. Working with the strategic planning coordinator, Jeanne organized a meeting of women faculty and staff in order to discuss climate issues for women at ASU East. The result of her efforts culminated in the development of the ASU East Faculty Women’s Association. In addition to this achievement, Jeanne has also lobbied for ASU East’s active participation in CSW and has served as a dedicated representative to the commission. Many of the progresses made for women’s status at ASU East has been attributed to the work of Jeanne Hanrahan. As a colleague explained, "None of this would have happened if Jeanne Hanrahan had not brought her sensitivity, energy, and persuasive skills to the task."

Student V-Day Organization

The Student V-Day Organization of ASU consists of approximately 25 women who are dedicated to educating Arizona State University and the greater Tempe community about a number of women's issues. These issues include rape, sexual assault, female genital mutilation, sexual trafficking and domestic violence. In February 2003, the organization performed Eve Ensler's award-winning play, "The Vagina Monologues" on campus. The play was entirely student produced, directed and acted. It was attended by approximately 1,000 men and women. As a result of the performances, the Student V-Day Organization raised over $13,000 to donate to the Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Violence and the Polaris Project, an anti-sexual trafficking organization. The Student V-Day Organization of ASU prides itself on creating awareness about and educating against all forms of violence against women, and vows to never stop "until the violence stops."

Board Members: Kelly Vaughn, Meredith Pieratt, and Gina Wanczuk