Commission on the Status of Women

CSW Outstanding Achievement and Contribution Awards

The mission of the Arizona State University Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is to identify, advocate for, and increase awareness of needed change in the university in order to enhance opportunities for women and other underrepresented groups.

Each year, the Commission on the Status of Women seeks to honor those individuals, groups or teams whose efforts most exemplify and further the mission of the CSW. Individuals are nominated by colleagues, students, and organizations. Recipients are determined by a CSW committee. Over the years, CSW has honored dozens of individuals for their outstanding achievements towards advancing the status of women at ASU. Special awards were given to the individuals listed below for their exemplary contributions. For more information on award recipients, click on the link for a particular award year.

In addition to the CSW Achievement Award, each year the CSW honors outstanding CSW members for their services to the Commission. For information on the CSW Chairs Award, click here.

2014 Award Recipients

  • Jennifer Kampp
  • Cathy Kerrey
  • Laura Mendoza
  • Dominique Roe-Sepowitz
  • Jacquelyn Scott Lynch
  • Carol Comito
  • Jordan Hibbs
  • Lauren Sandground
  • ASU Graduate Women's Association

2013 Award Recipients

  • Ayanna Thompson
  • Ramsey Eric Ramsey
  • Delia Saenz
  • Barbara Aarestad
  • Keith Crnic
  • Brenda Hogue
  • Adriene Jenik
  • ASU Cesar Chavez Leadership Institute

2012 Award Recipients

  • Ann Hoffman
  • Cheryl Conrad
  • Jill Sullivan
  • Hispanic Mother Daughter Program

2011 Award Recipients

  • Debra Baluch
  • Elodie Billionniere
  • Nicole Bruno
  • Omayra Ortega
  • Alexandra Brewis Slade

2010 Award Recipients

  • Margaret Coulombe
  • Dean Mari Koerner
  • Robyn McKay
  • Maureen Daly Goggin & Beth Fowkes Tobin (Research Team)

2009 Award Recipients

  • Dean Christopher Callahan
  • Stanlie James
  • Susanne Neuer
  • Denisse Roca Servat

2008 Award Recipients

  • Sydella Blatch
  • Cynthia Hogue
  • Sharon Smith
  • Jennifer Fewell
  • Louise Welter
  • Las Otras Hermanas

2007 Award Recipients

  • Michelle McGibbney-Vlahoulis
  • Shelly Sass
  • Joan Allen
  • Women Beyond Borders
  • Sun Devil Combat Sports Association

2006 Award Recipients

  • Christine Fiori
  • Mutsumi Nakamura
  • Hillary Pinney
  • Sasha Ramayya

2005 Award Recipients

  • Cindy Boglin
  • Mary Rothschild
  • Jessica Tartaro
  • Renee Turban
  • Serena Turley
  • ASU Body Pride Committee

2004 Award Recipients

  • Mary Anderson-Rowland
  • Peter Crouch
  • Robin Haarr
  • Joanne Martens
  • Retha Warnicke
  • ABWA

2003 Award Recipients

  • Gail Hackett
  • Maureen Duane
  • Jean Hanrahan
  • Student V-Day Organization

2002 Award Recipients

  • Karen Leong
  • Bernice Posey
  • Kristine Csavina
  • Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)

2001 Award Recipients

  • Melinda de Jesus
  • Kathleen Ferraro
  • Wanda Hendricks
  • Vicki Ruiz
  • Thelma Shinn Richard

2000 Award Recipients

  • Jess Alberts
  • Kris Ewing
  • Carolyn Forbes
  • Jenny Holsman
  • University Career Women