TWC 494/598: Information Architecture
Fall 2004

Assignment Four:

Date Due: Sunday, November 14

Assignment: In this assignment you will create metadata for your website using the Dublin Core element set. Although many of you will not be including a search engine in your projects, this is a good exercise in thinking about the content of your site, how it can be described, and in anticipating how users would try to find specific information on your site. Be sure to put some thought into the keywords/subjects that you will use. Use the Dublin Core Metadata Template to help; be sure you set the option at the bottom of the page next to the Return Metadata button to "for inclusion in HTML document" so that the template returns metatags. NOTE: On the form you will need to fill in a URL for #10 or the template won't work. If you don't have a URL for your project, simply make something up.

Format: Submit the generated metadata. Include a one page essay and include:
*explain your choice of keywords;
*if you used subject terms, explain your choice of them; if you did not use subject terms, explain why not

Grading: Assignments must be completed and submitted via the Digital Drop Box by the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted unless arrangements have been made with me in advance.

This assignment is worth 10 points based on the following scale:

Metadata: 4 points
Essay: 6 points

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