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Due to high demand for Arizona Policy Choices 1997, printed copies are no longer available. This version has been made to fill the continuing requests for the publication. Books were distributed to public and academic libraries throughout Arizona.

Balancing Acts: Tax Cuts and Public Policy in Arizona

Arizona Policy Choices 1997


About Arizona Policy Choices by Rob Melnick

Why Study Tax Cuts in Arizona Now?
Rob Melnick, Director
Morrison Institute for Public Policy

The Cuts in Context
John Stuart Hall, Professor
School of Public Affairs, Arizona State University

Policy Choice: Make Tax Policy

The Facts of the Matter: Arizona’s Tax Cuts
Tom Rex, Research Manager
Center for Business Research, Arizona State University

© State's Income Tax Below U.S. Average
But Sales Tax Among 10 Highest
Pat Flannery, The Arizona Republic

Taxes: The Eternal Debate
Nancy Welch, Senior Research Analyst
Morrison Institute for Public Policy

© Our Outmoded Tax Systems
Ronald Snell, State Legislatures

Policy Choice: Continue the Cuts

A Sober Case for Tax Cut Policies
Robert Robb, Editorial Writer, The Arizona Republic

The Arizona Legislature and Tax Cuts
Marc Spitzer, Senator, Arizona Senate

Why Tax Income?
Thomas P. McGovern, Special Assistant Attorney General,
Office of the Attorney General

© The States Move to the Supply Side
Stephen Moore, Director of Fiscal Policy Studies, Cato Institute

Policy Choice: Make Investments in Arizona

The Price of a Civilized Society
Carol Kamin, Executive Director, Children's Action Alliance

Arizona’s Investment Opportunities
George Miller, Mayor, City of Tucson

Spend Today—Or Invest in Tomorrow?
Jim Kiser, Editorial Page Editor, The Arizona Daily Star

Tax Cuts at Whose Cost?
Monsignor Edward Ryle, Executive Director, Arizona Catholic Conference

© Back-to-Basics Government
E. J. Dionne, Jr., The Washington Post

Finding the Money
Penelope Lemov, Governing

Policy Choice: Consider the Consequences

A Study of the Arizona State Tax Reduction Program
Frank Sackton, Professor Emeritus
School of Public Affairs, Arizona State University

© Blue-chip Times
Hal Hovey, State Government News

© States Control Spending Despite the Tax Windfalls
David Cay Johnston, The New York Times

© States Are Cutting Taxes—Unless You Smoke
Ann Reilly Dowd, MONEY

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