Economic Development

Small Business & International Trade

1994 Small Business Initiative Program Evaluation
1993 Small Business Development Centers State Funding Review
1991 Growing a Competitive Minority and Small Business Sector in Arizona
1996 Strategic Economic Development Vision for the Arizona-Sonora Region
1995 Environmental Technologies Market Opportunities in Asia
1994 Focusing on Maricopa County's Vision for Free Trade with Mexico
1994 Capturing NAFTA's Economic Potential: Cities in Maricopa County Gear Up
1994 Crafting a NAFTA Vision for the Maricopa County Free Trade Planning Process
1994 Maricopa County and Mexico: Commerce Across the Border, A Report to Valley Mayors
1993 Arizona Trade Corridor Study
1993 Infrastructure Needs of Arizona Border Communities: A Report to Arizona's Congressional Delegation
1993 Bridging Borders: Growth Management and Infrastructure Development Along the Arizona- Mexico Border —A State Action Plan
1992 Preparing for Free Trade with Mexico: Where Arizona Stands Now and What It Should Do in the Future
1991 State Readiness for Free Trade with Mexico: How Does Arizona Compare?

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