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2006 Beat the Odds...Why Some Schools with Latino Children Beat the Odds and Others Don’t
2005 How Arizona Compares - Real Numbers and Hot Topics (Arizona Policy Choices 2005 Edition)
2003 Charter School Authorizing: Are States Making the Grade?
2003 Is There A Teacher Shortage? Demand and Supply in Arizona
2002 Proposition 301: K-12 Promises, Progress, and Prospects (policy brief)
1999 Arizona Charter School Progress Evaluation*
(Arizona Department of Education) Appendices and Exhibits
1998 Academic Standards in Arizona (policy brief)
1995 Charter Schools: The Reform and the Research (policy brief)
1995 Charter School Update: Observations and Trends (policy brief)
1995 The Modern Red School House: Technology Planning and Implementation Handbook*
1995 Understanding Charter Schools
1994 Comparing Charter School Laws: The Issue of Autonomy (policy brief)
1994 Charter School Update: Expansion of a Viable Reform Initiative*
1994 Charter Schools: A Glance at the Issues (policy brief)
1994 Keeping Up With Reform: A Survey of Arizona Principals
1994 Year Round Education: Breaking the Bonds of Tradition
1994 State Strategies to Support Comprehensive Services in Arizona Schools
1993 A National Review of Open Enrollment and Choice Programs
1993 School Restructuring: Views from Within and Policy Implications
1993 Evaluating Business Partnership Programs in Education (policy brief)
1992 Charter Schools: A Viable Reform Initiative
1992 Arizona's Legislative Initiative to Restructure Education (policy brief)
1992 Barriers to School Restructuring
1992 Parental Opinion in the Kyrene School District
1992 Study of an Arizona Elementary School: Opinions and Issues Among Teachers and Staff of Rover School
1991 Open Enrollment/Educational Choice: A National Review
1991 Reform, Restructuring, Rededication: A Report of the Governor's Task Force on Educational Reform
1991 Reforming Education in Arizona: Discussion Questions for Systemic Change
1990 Does Arizona Know Where Its Students Are? Status of Student Data Systems in Arizona
1990 It's 1990: Do You Know Where Your Students Are? A National Review of Student Data Systems
1990 Valley Citizens League: Choice in Education
1988 Creating Excellence in Education: The Role of Phoenix City Government

At-Risk Youth | Arts Ed. | Minority Students | Math/Science Ed.

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