Community Fellows Program

in Partnership with

General Dynamics C4 Systems

Providing Guest Presenters and Opportunities for Community Involvement

Arizona State University's Community Fellows Program serves as a catalyst to foster partnerships among neighborhood, university and business interests seeking to improve quality of life valley-wide. Further, it facilitates mutual learning experiences among and between the university, the private sector, and local neighborhood residents. Opportunities for policy formation, action research, community service and interaction with General Dynamics C4 Systems and the business community are emphasized.

ASU's Community Fellows are recognized community leaders who have demonstrated their ability to:
• Raise awareness of local community issues
• Create partnership projects to address those issues
• Promote faculty/student/community linkages

Program Goals:
• To bring experienced community leaders onto ASU's campus to share knowledge of local community development issues with faculty, staff, and students
• To create university/community/business linkages that provide opportunities for community involvement

During their tenure, Fellows engage in the following activities:
• Guest lecture in ASU classes
• Speak at university and General Dynamics meetings
• Provide opportunities for faculty, students, and business interests to observe and participate in neighborhood/community problem solving efforts
• Develop outreach projects that link neighborhood well being with the university and business communities

The Fellows are available to meet with the public, private and university groups to explore the issues and pressures facing communities/neighborhoods in greater Phoenix.

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