How Arizona Compares:
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Arizona Policy Choices 2005

Errata for printed report

Please note the following corrections in the publication:

• Page 18: The table “Juvenile Arrests for Property Crimes, 2002” should rank Arizona 17th.

• Page 20: The table “Average Prison Time Served” should rank Arizona 13th.

• Page 29: The table “Science and Engineering Doctorates Awarded, 2002” should rank Tennessee 24th with 343 doctorates, and Alaska 50th with 19 doctorates.

• Page 41: The table “Children with No Parents in Full-Time Year-round Employment, 2001” should rank its bottom two states as tied at 49th.

• Page 56: The table “Accredited Museums” should rank Arizona 20th and should list Indiana as NA.

• Page 68: The table “Acres Burned in Wildfires, 2002-2003” should list the U.S. total as 11,540,289, and the figure for Montana as 890,681.

• Page 69: The table “Groundwater Withdrawals, 2000” should list Rhode Island with 29 million gallons, and Delaware with 0 gallons.

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