How Arizona Compares:
Real Numbers and Hot Topics

Arizona Policy Choices 2005

National 50-State Data

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Crime and Punishment
Rate of Serious Crime
Rate of Violent Crime
Rate of Property Crime
Motor Vehicle Theft
Juvenile Arrests for Violent Crimes
Juvenile Arrests for Property Crimes
Justice System Employment
Per Capita Justice System Expenditures
Incarceration Rate
Average Prison Time Served
Rate of Serious Crime - Major Metro Areas

Families and Incomes
State Per Capita Personal Income
Residents Below the Poverty Level
Teen Birth Rate
Cost of Living
Children Living Below the Poverty Level
Children with No Parents in Full-Time Year-Round Employment
Income of Families with Children in Metro Areas

Health and Healthcare
State Health Index Rankings
Per Capita Health Care Expenditures
Persons Without Health Insurance
Low Income Children Without Health Insurance

Turnout Among the Voting Population
Initiative States Listed in Order of Use
State and Local Per Capita Spending
State and Local Per Capita Revenues

Number of Charter Schools by State
State Per-Pupil Spending on Current Operations
Per Capita Academic Research and Development Spending
Science and Engineering Doctorates Awarded

Arts and Culture
Accredited Museums
Public Library Per Capita Visits

Business Futures
Percentage Job Growth
Gross State Product Per Capita
Strength of Traded Sector
Managerial, Professional, and Technical Jobs
State Technology and Science Index
Patents Per State
Households with Computers
Metro Regions with Most Wireless Access
Percentage Job Growth in the Largest Metros
Best Cities for Entrepreneurs
Best Performing Cities

Home Ownership
Crowded Housing
Housing Unit Growth
Prices for Existing Homes
Single Family Home Permits
Housing Opportunity Index Among Metros

Visitors to National Parks
Total Number of Species
Western Wilderness Areas
Wildlife-Associated Recreation
Acreage Protected by Land Trusts
Acres Burned in Wildfires
Groundwater Withdrawals
Average Energy Prices
Energy Consumption Per Capita

Public Road and Street Mileage
Annual Miles Per Vehicle
Highway Fatality Rate
Average Travel Time to Work
Daily Vehicle Miles of Roadway Travel

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