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Officer names, organizational emails and general statements of purpose of all registered student organizations will be published in SORC binders and promotional materials each fall semester. This information will be available for review at the Sun Devil Involvement Center, the REACH desk (Memorial Union 1st Floor) and the SORC website.


One hundred free copies are available to each registered student organization per semester at the Copy Center, located on the lower level of the Memorial Union. Neither SORC nor the Copy Center is responsible for negligent use of this privilege. Therefore, the only officer authorized to make copies is the President. If you would like to grant authorization to a second officer, please notify SORC.


Five free posters are available to each registered student organization per semester. Posters are available in only one size (2' x 3') and a variety of colors. Your organization president should bring an 8 1/2" x 11" print out of your poster design to the Sun Devil Involvement Center (SDIC) Hub. SORC is not responsible for negligent use of this privilege. Therefore, the only officer authorized to make copies is the President. If you would like to grant authorization to a second officer, please notify SORC.

Equipment List

Event and Meeting Services, located on the 1st floor of the Memorial Union behind the Information Desk, has a variety equipment available for use by registered student organizations. For information contact Event and Meeting Services at 480-965-3406.

Equipment includes:
  • Sound System (complete with CD player)
  • Three 8' Umbrellas
  • Stage (6 - 4'x8' pieces)
  • Portable Sound System (including microphone)
To reserve equipment, the president of your organization will need to complete an Equipment Request & Check Out Form (available at Event and Meeting Services). You should submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled event The form will need to be signed by the organization's advisor and then returned to Event and Meeting Services for approval. Equipment rental also requires a $50 refundable deposit.

Electronic Mail (E-mail)

Registered student organizations can obtain an e-mail account for their organization. The Computer Accounts Office is located in the Computing Commons (first floor). Your organization president should complete a Request for Access to Computing Facilities. The advisor for your organization will be your sponsor for the account and must sign the form prior to processing. You may assign a user id to the account (the user id can only be 5 to 8 characters in length). For further information, contact the Computer Accounts Office at 480-965-1211.

Storage Space

Lockers and filing cabinets are available at SORC for organizational use. There is also a general storage area for all organizations to store items. Lockers and filing cabinets are assigned to registered student organizations o a first come first serve basis; this space is limited.


Mailboxes are available to registered student organizations to exchange communication and receive campus mail, as well as US postal mail. They are assigned upon organization's request. Mailboxes are located in the Sun Devil Involvement Center (3rd floor of the Memorial Union).


Registered student organizations are eligible to request funding through Associated Students of Arizona State University (ASASU). Registered organizations are encouraged to seek funding for programs that strive to further the educational enrichment, cultural development, and institutional integrity of the student body on campus. Requests for information on funding should be directed to ASASU at 480-965-3161.

Use of University Facilities

Registered student organizations may use academic buildings, campus properties and facilities for activities consistent with the University's educational, public service and research purposes. Registered student organizations may request use of facilities for such purposes as organizational meetings, lectures, concerts, etc. Other institutions, state or federal agencies, charitable or civic organizations, or commercial organizations may, at the discretion of the University, use University facilities. If your request to use a facility on campus is for a community event, as opposed to an organization meeting or activity, the University requires proof of insurance and an indemnity. Any registered student organization that assumes responsibility as a sponsoring organization of an event or activity may be responsible for costs incurred as a result of an event, including but not limited to guarantees, insurance, security, damages, facility fee (if any), and staging arrangements.
The following facilities are available for scheduling:
Area/FacilityContactPhone Number
Cady Mall, Orange Mall, Hayden Lawn, Student Services Lawn, portions of Tyler Mall and Palm Walk Event and Meeting Services 480-965-3406
Danforth Chapel Chapel Secretary 480-965-3570
College of Business Administration Dean's Office 480-965-5516
Gammage Center, University Activity Center, Sun Devil Stadium, Packard Stadium, Whitman Tennis Courts, Sun Devil Club Stadium, Football Practice Field, Aquatic Center Public Events Office 480-965-5062
Palo Verde Main Lawn Palo Verde Hall Director 480-965-2288
Student Recreation Complex, Physical Education (East and West), Racquet ball courts, Tennis Courts, Recreational Fields Recreation Sports and Student Activities Administration Office 480-965-8900
All Classroom buildings, rooms, and lecture halls Academic Facilities 480-965-7070
Memorial Union meeting rooms Event and Meeting Services 480-965-3406
The Board of Regents delegates the President of the University authority to establish facility use fees where appropriate. Check with the appropriate facility manager for a fee schedule of their facilities.
Use of Outdoor Programming Areas (malls or lawns)
Registered student organizations may schedule the use of any programming area and mall (walkways) to recruit members or conduct a program or activity. Event and Meeting Services are responsible for scheduling common areas on campus, i.e., Cady Mall, Orange Mall, Hayden Lawn, Student Services Lawn, Orange Mall, and portions of Tyler Mall and Palm Walk.
Amplified events will only be approved during the hours of 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM in areas designated by Event and Meeting Services. Organizations must notify the appropriate offices 2 weeks prior to the activity. A list of contacts is available at the Student Organization Resource Center.

Organizations will be approved for 1 amplified event per month (unless the organization is engaging in a collaborative project). For more information contact Event and Meeting Services (located on the 1st floor of the Memorial Union, Room 182, behind the Information Desk).

Web Space

A student organization must first be registered with SORC to be eligible for web space. If the organization is NOT registered, please visit the SORC office located on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union and fill out a registration form.

If your organization is registered for the current school year, please complete the Web Space Request Form (MS Word). You will be notified by the SORC webmaster within 2 weeks to confirm your web space.

Registered student organizations will be assigned 10 MB of space. If this limit is exceeded a warning will be sent along with a deadline to remove the excessive files. SORC will delete any unused web space, web space belonging to unregistered student organizations, and/or any files that violate the ASU Web Use Policy.

Please read ASU's Computer, Internet, and Electronic Communications Policy (ACD 125). All organizations using web space through SORC must abide by this policy as well as any other related policies regarding student organizations.