Modified: Friday, February 24, 2006

Who We Are
The Secular Freethought Society, AKA the Secular Devils, is a group of students at Arizona State University interested in creating a community where non-religious people can feel welcome and share ideas.

Executive Committee

President: Gerda de Klerk

Vice President: Bryan Cole

Treasurer: Colleen Byron

Media Director: Peter Sayer

Web Wench: Destiny Crider

Official Bouncer: Todd Muse

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Jaco Klok (School of Life Sciences)

Dr. Eric Margolis (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)

Dr. Mary Romero (Justice And Social Inquiry)


Campus Freethought Alliance

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

History of Organization

Hearing George Bush say that intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution, was the catalyst for forming this organization. We knew that many folks at ASU were interested in both scholarly and social encounters with more secular ideas and people.

A little research showed that there was once an organization by the same name at ASU - but had been inactive for a couple of years. So, we tracked down some like minded folks, signed on a few faculty advisors and set to work...

Join us and help build the organization and the community of freethinkers!