Modified: Thursday, January 12, 2006

Beyond Belief Film Festival: Movies About Religion in Society

Sponsored by The ASU Secular Freethought Society

November 4th and 5th

Murdock Hall (MUR), ASU Tempe*

Admission Free

Friday, November 4th


7.15 PM - The God Who Wasn’t There

So, Christianity was wrong for hundreds of years about the solar system - what if it is wrong about Jesus Christ?

 8.30 PM - Interviews from The God Who Wasn’t There

Perspectives ranging from the Christian who is making sure President Bush is ready for the Rapture, to the atheist who did not get death threats for what he wrote about the Bible or Koran, but for what he wrote about football.




Saturday, November 5th


12 noon - Heart of the Beholder

You know you are in trouble when your video store clientele think Splash is a movie about bestiality. The true story of a family who stood up for freedom of speech against the Christian Right.

 2 PM - God in Government

An exploration of the relationship between religion & politics in the contemporary world, with the United States as the focal point, and Iran, Israel and India as object lessons.


4 PM - Bob Smith, USA

"America is the greatest country on this planet. Why? Because Americans believe in God." American culture through the eyes of seven men called Bob Smith, ranging from an evangelical atheist to an evangelical Christian.

6PM - Never Been Thawed

Opportunistic Christian rockers, evangelical pro-lifers, and … eh… frozen entrée collectors. Simply the best mockumentary since This is Spinal Tap, and the funniest movie of the 21st century.

FOLLOWED BY DISCUSSION with Chuck LeVinus, producer, NBT

** Parking on ASU campus is free after 7 PM on Friday night. On Saturday the closest paid parking is in Structure 1.