JAR Files

JAR files are like ZIP files on steroids. They contain some extra features along with their lossless data compression algorithm. Since they are an integral part of JAVA, everyone with a JAVA Development Kit (JDK) or JAVA Runtime Enviroment (JRE) should have a program that will uncompress/unarchive them. To expand logit1-12.jar, make sure the computer is pathed to where ever the jar program is located (On Win95, it most likely resides in jdk1.2\bin\jar.exe). Change to the directory containing logit1-12.jar and type the following command:

      jar xfv logit1-12.jar

   where parameter:

      x                   extract files
      f                   route data to a file rather than standard out
      v                   verbose mode
      logit1-12.jar       path/name of the file(s) to expand

Simplying executing the jar program without any parameters should provide additional help on how to use the utility.

Note: Some JREs do not come with a JAR utility. In this case, try using a standard zip/unzip utility to decompress the JAR files (such as pkunzip, etc.).