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  6633, Lattie F. Coor Hall
  Arizona State University

  P.O.Box 873502
  Arizona State University
  Tempe, AZ-85287-3502


      The Department of Transborder Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies is a center of research, learning, training, and application that seeks to enhance the intellectual, educational, and professional opportunities of Mexican origin and other Latino populations.

     The Department of Transborder Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies focuses on three major areas: Transnational Media, Literature and Arts; U.S. and Mexican Regional Immigration Policy and Economy and Transborder Community Development and Health. Future concentrations include Transfrontier Language, Education, and Culture; and Transnational Indigenous Mexico.

     Where appropriate, each develops a strong emphasis in multiple quantitative and qualitative methodologies and bilingual capacities. Buttressed by a focused fieldwork, application, and internship framework, the undergraduate program is designed to promote strong and rigorous intellectual and technical preparation for careers in transnational communications, the transborder public and private sector, transnational public policy, transnational arts and letters, and indigenous education. 

     We are presently planning a doctoral program in Transborder Studies and Development. It is an interdisciplinary "field" degree that emphasizes two optional major concentrations: Option 1. Transborder Social and Applied Policy of Community Development, Immigration, and Health, and Option 2. Transborder Media and Expressive Cultures. Option 1 focuses strongly on the application of information and training to addressing and resolving issues of transborder political ecology and economy of the region. These include community formation and development, transnational migration and immigration policies, and community and environmental health policy development and implemenation. Option 2 is an integrated analytical and creative transnational program in expressive culture that integrates film, electronic media and digital arts and communication, literature, and the arts. It seeks to cross the creative and disciplinary boundaries of all of these expressive forms in order to engage studnets in the development of a program of study and creativity expressed in multiple forms.





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