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Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez , Professor and Chair  


Border Visions:Mexican Cultures Of The Southwest United States,The University Of Arizona Press ,1996 Arizona Board of Reagents


Co-editor, Human Rights :The Scholar as Activist ,Societ for Applied Anthropology,Oklahoma City,2004


Lazos de confianza : Los sistemas culturales y económicos de crédito en las poblaciones de los Estados Unidos y México,1993, FONDO DE CULTURE ECONÓMICA,México


Regions of Refuge in the United States : Issues,Problems and concerns for the Future of Mexican-Origin Populations in the United States,The 2003 Malinowski Award lecture ,Ernesto Galarza Applied Research Center Monograph Series No.2


LA POLITICA DE LUCHA Y RESISTENCIA :Procesos y cambios culturales en el México central urbano,1969-1974,FONDO DE CULTURE ECONÓMICA,México


Co-Editor Transnational Latina/o Communities : Politics,Processes and Cultures,Latin American Perspectives in the Classroom


Cordelia Candelaria, Regents' Professor and Vice Provost of Academic Affairs ASU Downtown Campus


Seeking the Perfect Game: Baseball in American Literature . Westport , CT : Greenwood Press, 1989 (165 pp.)


Co-editor, The Legacy of the Mexican and Spanish-American Wars: Legal, Literacy, and Historical Perspectives (w/Gary D. Keller), Tempe , AZ : Bilingual Review Press, 2000.



Co-editor, Women Poets of the Americas : Toward a Panamerican Gathering (w/Jacqueline V. Brogan), Notre Dame, IN: U Notre Dame Press, 1999.

General Editor, Encyclopedia of Latina and Latino Culture . Multi-volume project under contract w/Greenwood Publishing Group ( Westport , CT ) in progress, 2003 expected.


Ojo de la Cueva/Cave Springs . Maize Publications: San Diego , CA , 1984 [poetry] (63 pp.)

Chicano Poetry, A Critical Introduction . Greenwood Press: Westport , Connecticut , 1986 (276 pp.)

Arroyos to the Heart . Santa Monica , CA : Lalo Press/Santa Monica College, 1993 [poetry & personal essay] (142 pp.)


Edward J. Escobar, Associate Professor

Race, Police and the Making of a Political Identity: Mexican Americans and the Los Angeles Police Department, 1900-1945. Berkeley : University of California Press, (1999)


Bloody Christmas and the Irony of Police Professionalism: The Los Angeles Police Department, Mexican Americans, and Police Reform in the 1950s,” Pacific Historical Review, (May 2003).

Zoot Suiters and Cops: Mexican Americans and the Los Angeles Police Department During World War II" in The War in American Culture: Society and Consciousness during World War II edited by Lewis A. Erenberg and Susan E. Hirsch. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, (1996).

"The Dialectics of Repression: The Los Angeles Police Department and the Chicano Movement, 1968-1971,” Journal of American History (March 1993).

Forging a Community: The Latino Experience in Northwest Indiana, 1919-1975 , co-edited with James B. Lane . Chicago : Cattails Press, (1987).


Lisa Magana, Associate Professor and Academic Advisor


"Politics of Diversity: Mexican Americans.” Tucson: University of Arizona, 2005.


Straddling the Border: The Immigration Policy Process and Its Effect on the INS. University of Texas Press, 2003.



2002. Lisa Magaña and Robert Short. “The Social Construction of Mexican and Cuban Immigrants by Politicians in Mainstream Newspapers,” The Review of Policy Research Vol. 19. No 4 Winter 2002, (78-94).

2002. Robert Short and Lisa Magaña. “Politics, Prejudice and Immigration.” Journal of Social Psychology 142(6), 701-712.

1999. “The Implementation of Public Policies in Latino Los Angeles.” Latino Studies Journal Vol. 10 No. 3 (53-66).

1995. Editor. Mexican Americans: Are They an Ambivalent Minority? Claremont CA.: The Tomas Rivera Center Press.


Daniel Bernardi, Associate Professor


Editor. Classic Hollywood/Classic Whiteness. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2001.



Editor. The Birth of Whiteness: Race & the Emergence of U.S. Cinema. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. 1998



Star Trek & History: Race-ing Toward a White Future. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1998.


Eileen Diaz McConnell , Assistant Professor

McConnell, Eileen Diaz. (In Press.) “The U.S. Destinations of Contemporary Mexican Immigrants.” International Migration Review. Volume 42, Number 3, Fall 2008.

McConnell, Eileen Diaz and Ilana Redstone Akresh. (2008.) “Through the Front Door: Housing Outcomes of New Lawful Immigrants.” International Migration Review. Spring 2008. 42 (1): 134-162.

McConnell, Eileen Diaz. (2008.) “U.S. Latinos/as and the ‘American Dream’: Diverse Populations and Unique Challenges in Housing.” In Latinos/as in the United States: Changing the Face of América. Havidán Rodriguez, Rogelio Saenz and Cecilia Menjivar, Eds. New York: Springer.

McConnell, Eileen Diaz and Enrico A. Marcelli. (2007). “Buying Into the American Dream? Mexican Immigrants, Legal Status, and Homeownership in Los Angeles County.”  Social Science Quarterly.   88 (1): 199-221.

"US Latinos: Demographic Shifts and Implications." Illinois International Review. Issue 2 (Spring 2006): 2-3. (Invited article).

"No Place Like Home: The State of Hispanic Housing in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, 2003." Research report funded by Esperanza USA, June 2005. 45 pp.

McConnell, Eileen Diaz and Timothy J. Ready. "The Roof Over Our Heads: Hispanic Housing in the United States." Brief funded by Esperanza USA, June 2005. 16 pp.

Williams, Richard A., Reynold Nesiba, and Eileen Diaz McConnell. (2005). "The Changing Face of Inequality in Home Mortgage Lending." Social Problems. 52 (2): 181-208.

Van Wey, Leah, Catherine M. Tucker, and Eileen Diaz McConnell. (2005). "Community Organization, Migration and Remittances in Oaxaca." Latin American Research Review. 40 (1): 83-108.

McConnell, Eileen Diaz and Edward Delgado-Romero. (2004). "Latino Panethnicity Reality or Methodological Construction?" Sociological Focus. 37 (4): 297-312.

McConnell, Eileen Diaz and Felicia B. LeClere. (2002). "Selection, Context, or Both? The English Fluency of Mexican Immigrants in the American Midwest and Southwest." Population Research and Policy Review. 21 (3): 179-204.

Guzmán, Betsy and Eileen Diaz McConnell. (2002). "The Hispanic Population: 1990 2000 Growth and Change." Population Research and Policy Review. 21 (1-2): 109-128.

Seline Szkupinski Quiroga, Assistant Professor

Disrupted Bodies: The Effect of Infertility on Racialized Identities. Doctoral Dissertation. University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley, 2002.

Price, J., Lee, S., and Szkupinski Quiroga. S. Violence Against Women And Girls In San Francisco: Meeting The Needs Of Survivors. Commission on the Status of Women, City and County of San Francisco, CA, 2000.

Bauer, H., Rodriguez, M., Flores-Ortiz, Y., and Szkupinski Quiroga, S. "Barriers to Health Care for Abused Latina and Asian Immigrant Women". Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.11(1) 33-44, 2000.

Rodriguez, M., Szkupinski Quiroga, S. and Bauer, H. "Breaking the Silence: Battered Women's Perspectives on Medical Care". Archives of Family Medicine 5: 153-158, 1996.

Nachtigall, R., Tschann. J., Szkupinski Quiroga, S., Pitcher, L. and Becker, G. "Stigma, Disclosure, and Family Functioning Among Parents of Children Conceived Through Donor Insemination". Fertility and Sterility 68: 83-89, 1997.

2007 Blood is Thicker Than Water: Policing Donor Insemination and the Reproduction of Whiteness. Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy 22(2): 143-161.

Marivel Danielson , Assistant Professor

"Walking Outside the Lines: Marga Gomez's jaywalker and the Problematization of Marginality." Ollantay Theater Magazine, Special Issue: New Representations of Latina Women and the Feminine in U.S. Theater. Forthcoming.

"Monica Palacios Celebrating 20 Years as a Queer Performer." Lesbian News. September 2002.




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