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Measuring Social Competence in Diverse Migration Contexts

CLAS Seed Grant, ASU

When families face macro-level social, economic or political changes, consequential adjustments at the family level, including major adjustments in roles and responsibilities for both adults and children, may occur. Such changes can lead to significant modifications in social relationships within the family and alterations in typical patterns of socialization for children. These modifications in family life can potentiate changes in social competence and emotional adjustment for children. In cases where the changes in macro-level conditions are presumed to be long lasting, there can be additional pressures for children to develop new competencies (including social competencies) to meet the new demands and opportunities such conditions afford. In a world where migration of family members is a common response to significant macro-level changes, surprisingly little is known about how subsequent changes in family circumstances connected to migration, coincident with changes in societal conditions, influence the development of social competence in children. Greater knowledge of how the changes connected to family migration are implicated in the development of social competence is important because being a competent social actor is especially critical to personal, family and societal well-being during periods of significant change. Seed funds are being used to collect preliminary data in different settings of migration: Chitwan Valley, Nepal, Mexicali, Mexico and Gaza Province, Mozambique. Each site reflects different levels of economic development, different cultural contexts for raising children and different routes to migration.

CePoD Involvement: Jennifer Glick (Principal Investigator), Robert Bradley, Natalie Eggum, Sarah Hayford, Francisco Lara-Velencia, Scott Yabiku.

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