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Carlos Santos, Assistant Professor
Counseling and Counseling Psychology
Email: Carlos.E.Santos@asu.edu

My training and research interests span several domains of developmental, health, cross-cultural and quantitative psychology. My research is concerned with how racial/ethnic and gender group categorization operates at the individual level (e.g., how adolescents’ sense of membership in racial/ethnic and gender categories develop and change overtime), and at macro-levels (e.g., how peer networks influence individuals’ sense of racial/ethnic/gender membership). This research has been conducted primarily with immigrant youth that are racially and ethnically diverse in the U.S. and abroad. Thus, one aspect of this work has been to explore the ways in which immigration and migration processes influence adolescents’ sense of identity. Another key aspect of this work has been to model and explore, quantitatively, the intersections of multiple social identities, and the ways in which these intersections predict mental health and successful transition to adulthood.

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